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Vulcanus Pro 910 Chef Outdoor Wood Fire Grill

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Vulcanus Pro 910 Chef Outdoor Wood Fire Grill

The grill that is the talk of the party...

Discover the ultimate grilling experience with Vulcanus grills - a revolutionary design protected by patent. Crafted from weathering COR-TEN steel, these grills boast a long service life and can withstand any outdoor conditions, making them the perfect choice for year-round grilling, even in colder areas.




Featuring an accumulation ceramic core, Vulcanus grills offer superior circulation of hot air, thermal stability, and reduced wood consumption for a more efficient and eco-friendly grilling experience. And thanks to their square shape, these grills offer up to ⅓ more grill surface area than conventional round grills, while the two heat zones allow you to cook meat, cheese, and vegetables at the same time.


The high base with a convenient wood tray is perfect for relaxing stand-up grilling, and the built-in compartment allows you to store dishes and other essentials for easy access. Plus, with its ceramic accumulation core, 10 mm or 12 mm thick plate (Pro730 or Pro910) EU certified for food contact, grease drain system for healthier grilling without carcinogens, and easy ash dumping system at the bottom of the grill, Vulcanus grills are the perfect addition to any outdoor cooking setup.



So why settle for a conventional grill when you can experience the power and efficiency of Vulcanus grills? Upgrade your grilling game today and discover a new level of outdoor cooking perfection.


If you have any questions about the Vulcanus, please call our friendly customer service team on 0330 1336 617, or read the user manual here



Does grease from food drip from the grill?

The Vulcanus® grill has a special built-in system for draining grease and juices from food, ensuring healthy grilling without carcinogens and burnt grease.


What is the capacity of the grill? How many people can be fed at the same time?

With the Vulcanus® grill, you can prepare food for up to 50 people in an hour. Thanks to several temperature zones, you can prepare steak, fresh vegetables, fish, eggs or cheese at the same time. The food will be juicy, crispy, healthy and retain many vitamins.


How demanding is the grill maintenance? Do I need special cleaning products?

The Vulcanus® grill is made of COR-TEN® material, which is completely maintenance-free. So you don‘t have to worry about taking care of the grill. Just wipe the grill surface with a wet cloth and treat it with oil.


What kind of wood can I use in my Vulcanus®?

Virtually any kind of hardwood is suitable as long as its residual moisture content is below 20%. The wood should therefore be sufficiently dry. Damp wood releases smoke and tar during combustion, resulting in increased smoke, wood consumption and reduced heat output. We recommend artificially dried logs about 33 cm long that you can buy in any hobby market. You can also use charcoal.

There are also round grills on the market, what‘s the difference between them and the square Vulcanus®?

The patented square shape provides up to 1/3 more grilling area compared to round grills (compare the diameter of the circle and the sides of the square). It provides two heat zones, the round ones only have one. Only the Vulcanus® grill is equipped with an accumulation insert inside the firebox. The Vulcanus® has a top grill plate certified for food contact.


If you have any questions, please call our friendly customer service team on 0330 1336 617


We would love to help.


Brochure & User Manual

View the full product brochure here

View the User Manual here

Product Specifications

Weight 160 kg
Product dimensions 910 x 990 x 910 mm
Grill surface dimensions 910 x 910 mm
Country of origin Czech Republic
Guarantee period 5 years
Material Italy Cor-Ten steel (Body) and Boiler steel (Plate)
Surface treatment Patina, Oil
Certificates Food contact certificate
Instructions for use Instructions

The set includes 2 beech butcher boards, a stainless steel ashtray and a 43 kg accumulation core.

Vulcanus® products are designed in accordance with the principles of a circular economy, particularly in the area of waste management.


Prevention - The use of quality materials and workmanship makes the Vulcanus® grill a product for a lifetime. This significantly reduces the waste generated by conventional disposable products with a short life.


Waste reduction - During production, we make sure to use every scrap of material to reduce the so-called pre-consumer waste. Recycling - The design of the products consists of a small variety of uncoated materials that can be easily sorted and recycled for reuse.


Certification - The grill plate of Vulcanus® grills is certified by the European Union for contact with food. This makes food preparation 100% safe and you don‘t have to worry about harmful substances being released into the food during grilling.


Accumulation material

You can enjoy grilling with Vulcanus® all year round. The ceramic accumulation core is made of refractory concrete, which is characterized by high durability, low water absorption and maximum accumulation, and then fired at 950°C. Our Czech supplier produces and supplies parts to leading stove manufacturers in the EU using this technology.

Production in Europe

We use the original COR-TEN® (Union Steel USA), which we import from the only authorized manufacturer in the EU, SSAB from Scandinavia. The grills themselves are manufactured by a combination of manual labour and state-of-the-art CNC technology in the Czech Republic. 

Warranty, Returns, & Shipping


You can request a specific delivery time with us via chat or email.

Delivery time is 2 to 4 business days after confirmation. You will get notified by email or phone when your order is out for delivery.

White Glove Delivery Option (Choose at checkout +£150)



What we provide as part of our white glove service:

  • experienced staff to deliver and position your Vulcanus® product.
  • Unpacking and Inspection upon delivery.
  • Removal of any waste material.
  • Positioning of the Vulcanus® at the delivery point to your requirement.
  • Our teams are equipped with blankets, shoe covers and gloves to protect the property of customers.
  • Moving equipment.
  • Public Liability Insurance cover.
  • Smart uniformed drivers.



Access requirements:

The minimum gateway/doorway width dimension is 800mm for 730 units and 1000mm for 910 units.

Narrow access may be considered by dismantling the unit. Prior notification will be required and an additional cost will be incurred. Please refer to the office with an outline of what will be required i.e. distance from the kerb to the final location, if the unit will need to pass through a house etc.

Check for overflow pipes, outside taps or window ledges that may restrict this.

We are able to move up/down a maximum of five garden steps.



We cannot lift the Vulcanus® over fences or walls unless prearranged lifting equipment is on-site, costs by others. If the delivery is to a rooftop garden then a site survey must be requested to help us understand if there are any specialists handling equipment requirements. Additional costs will be advised once the survey has been completed.



At Nuovo Luxury Ltd, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. To ensure that you receive the products in the best possible condition, we encourage you to inspect the packaging of your items upon delivery. If you notice any damages, please make a note of it when signing for delivery and send us photos of the damage, along with the box and SKU, along with a brief description to within 24 hours.



5 Years Warranty


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