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Valiryo Body Dryer v2.1

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The Valiryo Body Dryer is a groundbreaking, fully automated body drying device that transforms the way we dry ourselves. Designed for installation directly in your bathroom, this innovative device replaces traditional towels with a skin-friendly, germ-free, antibacterial, and incredibly pleasant air stream generated by a highly efficient electrical power plant. It offers not only relaxation for your body and mind but also champions sustainability, resulting in financial savings and resource conservation.

Key Features

  • Body Drying Reinvented: Experience a new way to dry yourself with the Valiryo Body Dryer.

  • 27 Air Diffusers: Ensure efficient drying from head to toe with a homogeneous airflow along 27 diffusers.

  • Intuitive Control Panel: Choose from sixteen different combinations of air temperature and intensity for a personalized drying experience.

  • Motion Sensor: An optional motion sensor activates the device when approached and turns it off automatically after the drying time has elapsed.

  • Available In White: Explore the white version for additional details and options.

Benefits for You & the Planet

  • Promotes Muscle Blood Flow: Relax your muscles, increase their elasticity, and reduce stress contractures.

  • Helps With Mobility Issues: Dry yourself effortlessly and naturally, enhancing safety and preventing slips and falls.

  • Solution for Skin Conditions: Ideal for individuals with skin conditions where towel friction can be harmful.

  • Toward a Sustainable Home: Reduce towel usage, save water and electricity, and lower CO2 emissions.

Additional Features

  • Patented Technology: Developed exclusively by the Valiryo engineering team, ensuring uniform airflow regarding temperature and intensity.

  • Fully Water Resistant: Install it inside or outside the shower; it's completely water-resistant and IP56-classified, protecting it against object entry.

  • Antibacterial Treatment: Features an additive antimicrobial treatment based on silver ions in the air stream, preventing bacterial growth and providing an extra anti-germ effect.

  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep; simply wipe the surface with a microfiber cloth and mild soap solution for cleaning.

  • European Quality: Complies with all necessary certifications for various markets, designed to meet electrical and security requirements in different countries.

  • Easy Installation: No significant bathroom alterations or renovation work required; start enjoying the revolutionary way of body drying quickly.

  • Peace of Mind: The Valiryo Body Dryer comes with a two-year parts warranty upon product registration.

Experience the future of body drying with the Valiryo Body Dryer. Upgrade your bathroom with this innovative, sustainable, and luxurious solution.

Product Specifications

Key Features Details
Efficient Electrical Power Plant Utilizes a highly efficient electrical engine located at the top of the device, providing a powerful and eco-friendly air stream.
Patented Air Diffusion Technology Exclusive technology ensures a uniform flow of air in terms of temperature and intensity through the 27 air vents.
Adjustable Temperature and Intensity Choose from 16 different combinations of air temperature (up to 32°C above room temperature) and intensity for a customized drying experience.
No Maintenance or Cleaning Required Designed for simplicity, no regular maintenance, deep cleaning, or component replacements needed.
Motion Sensor Optionally includes an integrated motion sensor for automatic activation and deactivation when you approach and leave the device.
S-Shape for Efficient Drying The unique s-shaped form ensures a smooth and even drying process from head to toe, minimizing the need for dangerous movements on wet surfaces.
Water Resistant and Vandal-Proof Completely water-resistant and IP56-classified for easy installation. Durable materials make it suitable for public and frequent use, such as in hotels, gyms, or spas.
Sanitary and Antibacterial Promotes germ-free drying and softer, more hydrated skin. The air stream contains silver ions to prevent bacteria growth and spread.
2-Year Parts Warranty The Valiryo Body Dryer comes with a two-year parts warranty for peace of mind.

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Warranty: 2 years upon registration


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