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Casada Titan Massage Chair w/ A.I Body Scan & Braintonics

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For more than 25 years, Casada's focus has been on maintaining the health of its constantly growing clientele. Their vision is to create an individual quiet zone for body, soul and spirit at any time and in any place.

The Titan massage chair uses AI intelligent body scanning for a more refined way of working. To do this, the armchair uses a multi-factor adjustment system and an intelligent algorithm. 

This enables more extensive analysis, more recorded count signals, faster reaction, and more precise control when scanning the body and when regulating massage techniques. To warm your legs, the Titan uses the 100% carbon material Graphene, which generates far-infrared rays that boost your blood circulation in combination with the carbon heat in the back area.


Here are 10 reasons to choose the top of the range Titan:

1. Braintronics® Technology: Experience a holistic approach to relaxation with Braintronics® technology. By synchronizing your brain waves using audio stimulation, combined with the massage program, the Titan massage chair helps you achieve a deeply relaxed state.

2. AI Intelligent Body Scanning: The Titan massage chair uses advanced AI technology to scan and analyze your body, providing a more precise and tailored massage experience. The intelligent algorithm ensures faster responses and accurate control of massage techniques.

3. Graphene Heat in the Leg Area: Enjoy the benefits of carbon-based graphene heat in the leg area of the chair. This innovative feature generates far-infrared rays, which help improve blood circulation and provide a soothing warmth to your legs.

4. Flexible Track for Thai Stretching Massage: The flexible track of the Titan massage chair allows it to open into an arch shape, providing a Thai stretching massage experience. This feature helps lift the back and enhances relaxation through stretching and gentle movements.

5. Adjustable Air Pressure Intensity: Achieve complete relaxation from your shoulders to your feet with Titan's 38 airbags and adjustable air pressure intensity. Customizable air compression provides targeted relief and comfort.

6. Double Massage Mechanism: Experience the sensation of being massaged with four hands at the same time. The double massage mechanism of the Titan massage chair combines a 2D and 3D massage robot for a synchronized and deeply relaxing massage.

7. Stereo Speaker & LED Touch Screen: Immerse yourself in deep relaxation with built-in stereo speakers that enhance the massage experience. The LED touchscreen features a user-friendly interface, allowing you to easily visualize and control the massage process.

8. Arthrosis Traction and Realistic Massage Feel: The Titan massage chair offers additional functions to promote your overall well-being. It includes arthrosis traction to help reduce discomfort and specially developed massage heads that mimic the feeling of a real masseur.

9. Zero Gravity and Zero Space Design: Experience weightlessness and a space-saving design with the Titan massage chair's zero gravity and zero space features. These features optimize your comfort and allow the chair to fit seamlessly into any living space.

10. Premium Design and Quality: The Titan massage chair is designed with attention to detail, combining elegance and functionality. Its high-quality construction and materials ensure durability and a luxurious experience.



A multi-factor setting system and intelligent algorithm are used to provide more comprehensive analysis, more recorded count signals, faster responses and more accurate control when scanning the body and regulating massage techniques. Double Mechanism: Working in combination with the specialised 2D massage robot, the 3D massage robot delivers a synchronised massage that is akin to being massaged with four hands at the same time.

Flexible Track: Because of the long massage path, the flexible track can open into an arch shape to lift the back, which truly achieves Thai stretching massage in a bridge posture.


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Holistic Recreation With BRAINTRONICS® 

The braintronics® technology synchronizes your brain waves using audio stimulation. In combination with a specially developed massage program, your stressed body relaxes. Internal studies have shown that the relaxation state in the combination of massage and brain wave stimulation is up to 80% more effective. 


Findings from the research show that targeted stimulation of the brain waves promote attention and performance and provide mental and physical relief. You don’t necessarily need music to stimulate brain waves, but without relaxing sounds, it is far from being a feast for the ears. With braintronics® you get a relaxing guided meditation for deep sleep and regeneration.

belongs to the new generation of braintronics®  compatible devices. You can connect Titan to the braintronics® app. Titan provides the body with a relaxing massage, while the braintronics®  function ensures a relaxed mind. If the armchair and app are connected via Bluetooth, massage and audio stimulation work uniformly, bringing body and mind into the right balance.


Furthermore, the scope of the Titan includes more effective functions in promoting your well-being, such as the Arthrosis reducing  Arthrosis traction, or the specially developed massage heads imitating the feeling of a real masseur. These advantages allow Titan to put you in a super relaxing state. 


The human brain is a complex organ consisting of millions of little nerve cells, called neurons. Each cell constantly produces tiny electrical impulses. Every thought, every sound and every impression, everything is transmitted and communicated by those small electrical impulses.


Electricity is, so to say, the language of the brain. The sum of those impulses can be detected and diagrammed, e.g. by using an EEG. Charted on a graph this electrical activity forms a wave-like pattern, known as brainwaves.


With braintronics®, combining audio stimulation and guided meditations with a soothing massage, these brainwaves can be stimulated in order to reach different states of relaxation in the brain. Whether you want to sustainably enhance your concentration, or just relax and pamper yourself – everything is possible with a massage chair from the Casada family


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Technical Data

Product: Titan
Dimensions: Upright 81.5 x 124.5 x 167 cm I Reclining 81.5 x 98.5 x 180-195 cm
Weight: 159 kg
Voltage: 220-240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
Nominal Power: 180 W
Rated Runtime: 30 minutes
Braintronics®: 21 minutes
Colour: White & Grey ; Caramel Brown

Certified By : casada certified bt


Operating Instructions >>> Titan


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Delivery Time: 3 to 5 days

Warranty: 2 years

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