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PergoFluent Pergola

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Ready to Transform Your Space? Simply email us ( your specifications (size, how many side screens you want, blinds, colour, and additional features), along with a photo of where you'd like your PergoFluent installed. We'll reply with a tailored quote and a visual render, so you can envision the remarkable impact it'll make.

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Side Screens (Optional):

Manual side screen: £700-£950 each

Introducing PergoFluent: Transform Your Outdoor Living

Embark on a journey with PergoFluent, a revolutionary pergola that redefines your connection with nature, allowing you to cherish your garden or patio throughout the year. Designed with a modern aesthetic flair, PergoFluent is not just about enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space—it’s about revolutionizing the way you enjoy the outdoors, providing flexibility and comfort in any weather condition.


Inside: LED lighting (choose from white or yellow)

Exterior: RGB strips - perimeter lighting (choose from 20 colours)

Motorized Louvered Roof

At the core of PergoFluent’s innovation is its motorized louvred roof system. With just a simple press of a button, gain complete control over sunlight exposure, crafting the perfect setting for every moment. PergoFluent seamlessly shifts between letting in the warm sunshine and providing a protective shelter from the rain, ensuring your outdoor moments are always blissful.

Customized Control

PergoFluent is equipped with an easily accessible switch box, designed to bring control of the outdoor environment into your hands. This central control system allows for the effortless management of the LED lighting and louvres, ensuring that your outdoor comfort is always a priority.

Durability Against British Weather

Constructed to withstand the unpredictable British climate, PergoFluent features sturdy components engineered for long-lasting durability. It bravely stands against strong winds and the harsh rays of the sun, promising to retain its exquisite look and functionality through every season.

Advanced Rainwater Management

PergoFluent has been thoughtfully designed to tackle rain effectively. Its comprehensive guttering system, coupled with strategically placed drainage holes, ensures that rainwater is swiftly diverted away, keeping your outdoor area pristine and puddle-free.

Solid Anchoring

PergoFluent’s robust base plates provide secure anchoring to solid ground, offering you peace of mind even in adverse weather conditions. Whether installed on patios or decking, PergoFluent guarantees a stable and worry-free outdoor sanctuary.

Efficient Water Disposal

The efficient internal drainage system of PergoFluent is a testament to its smart design, ensuring rainwater is quickly channelled away from the structure. This means saying farewell to water accumulation and embracing a consistently dry and inviting outdoor space.


PergoFluent invites you to a new realm of outdoor living, where style, convenience, and resilience converge to enhance your lifestyle. Its automated louvres, user-centric controls, robust build, and smart drainage system make PergoFluent the perfect pergola for any weather condition. Experience the outdoors like never before with PergoFluent—your gateway to year-round outdoor pleasure.

Elevate your outdoor lifestyle with PergoFluent and discover the true potential of your outdoor spaces.

Product Specification

Systems / Data PergoFluent
Blade Type Flat Blade
Blade Specification 219 x 65.9 x 1.8mm
Post Specification 150 x 150 x 2.0mm
Beam & Gutter Specification 35 x 8.5 x 2.5mm
Maximum Range Width 4.5m x Projection 6m
Operation Motorised (✓)
Manual (✖)
Colour Options AL9016 Traffic White, RAL7016 Anthracite Grey
Motor Voltage
- 110V
- 220V
Waterproof Level IP67
Max Sqm For 1 Motor 40㎡
Remote Control Radio Frequency
Design Free Standing (✓)
Free Standing & Wall mounted (✖)
Hidden Motor Design (✓)
Aluminium Structure 3mm
LED Strip Light Colour
- White
- Yellow
Position Blade
RGB Strip Light (perimeter lighting) 20 colours
Position Outer Gutter Perimeter
Wind Resistant (estimated) 120km/h
Snow Loading (estimated) 100kg/㎡
Warranty (structure) 10 years
Colour - Grey
- Grey & White
- White
- Black
Size - 4x4m
- 5×3.5m
- 6x4m
- 8×3.5m
Layout - Free Standing
- Wall Mounted
Heater - No Heater
- 1 Heater
- 2 Heaters
Side Screen - No Side Screen
- Manual Grey
- Manual White
Louver Light Colour - Cool
- Warm
Ambient Lighting - Blue
- Cool White
Installation - None
- Yes

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