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Halo Saunas Tridome Customizable Sauna

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Halo Saunas Tridome Sauna

Exclusive design that will enhance the look of your urban yard or the lakeside cottage. Triangle-shaped sauna is characterized by its unconventional design and layout that creates an innovative atmosphere. Saunas of this design come in different sizes and have included backrests for the benches.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Artisan Woodcraft
  • Made to Last

Price start from £9000 subject to customizations

Crafted from quality Spruce/Pine and Thermowood, Halo Saunas offers you versatility with sizes ranging from 2m to 5m. Depending on the length and the inclusion of additional areas such as changing rooms, terraces, or showers, the capacity of the sauna area may vary.

Notable Features:

  • Length: This represents the total outside length of a sauna.
  • Capacity: Saunas with changing rooms or terraces of the same length will accommodate fewer people in the sauna area.

Product Specifications

  • Wall Thickness: 42 mm.
  • Floor Thickness: 34 mm.
  • External Height: 2470 mm.
  • External Width: 2400 mm.
  • Heaters: All types of wooden and electric “Harvia” and other brands.
  • Sauna Stones: Provided based on manufacturer recommendations.
  • Door: Wooden front door with wooden handle, lock, and glass window.
  • Windows: Standard window in the back wall with one side opening.
  • Heat Plates: Heat–resistant plates for wood burning or electric heater.
  • Benches: 2 opposite–facing benches with backrests (Black Alder, Aspen, or Thermowood).
  • Roofing: Roof covered with bitumen shingles (color choices available).
  • Flooring: Wooden floorboards.
  • Decorative Cornice: Featured at the front and the back of the sauna.
  • Impregnation: Walls can be impregnated in a chosen color from our palette.

Customization Options

Halo Saunas provides a range of customizable options to tailor your sauna to your preferences:

  • Partition wall (changing room, terrace, shower)
  • Wooden benches with storage in the changing room
  • Foldable table
  • “Harvia” lamps
  • Various LED lighting options, including under-bench lighting
  • Electric power plug socket
  • Water tanks of varying capacities
  • Choice of doors and panoramic windows
  • External wood-burning heater options
  • Stainless steel tightening band
  • Optional sauna insulation
  • Shower facilities in the sauna or changing room
  • 12V electrical installation

Note: We also offer the flexibility to move doors, windows, and seating to your desired positions.

Important Information

  • The sauna can be delivered fully assembled or unassembled (as a kit).
  • Each product is individually designed, handmade, and manufactured according to a specific purchase order. The final product may not 100% correspond to the photos on our website.


Delivery & Warranty

Important info: This sauna is delivered as a flat-pack or fully assembled, or the sauna can be assembled on site.

To discuss your delivery options, please call our friendly customer service team on 0330 1336 617

Note: This sauna needs to be positioned on solid flat ground

Elevate your wellness journey with Halo Saunas, confidently knowing it's backed by a commitment to quality service and customer satisfaction.

Delivery Time:

Anticipate a delivery timeline of approximately 6 to 8 weeks for your sauna. This allows us to ensure every detail of your custom sauna meets our high standards before it reaches you.

Enjoy peace of mind with Halo Saunas' 2-year warranty. We stand by our products and our warranty reflects our dedication to providing you with a sauna that lasts.

Please note, due to the bespoke nature of our saunas, we are unable to accept returns. We encourage customers to contact us with any queries or concerns before purchasing, and we're always here to help guide you to the perfect sauna for your needs.



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