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FrescoPro Canberra Outdoor Kitchen with Pro Line 6 Burner Barbeque- Dekton / Dekton Doors

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Experience the epitome of elegance and convenience with the BeefEater FrescoPro Outdoor Kitchen. Boasting a modern, sleek design, these custom-made kitchens are engineered for effortless installation. Say goodbye to the complexities of expensive design and installation – all that's needed is a solid base, and your FrescoPro is ready to shine.

Combining the excellence of BeefEater's gas barbecues and premium equipment with FrescoPro's expertise in kitchen design, this range offers a comprehensive solution for your outdoor entertaining needs.


  • Consists of:
    • 1x BeefeaterPro Line 6 Burner Built-In BBQ with Flat Lid
    • 1x Beefeater Tropical Single Door Fridge Unit
    • 1x Single Door Versatile Cupboard Unit
    • 1x Two Door Unit & BBQ Housing

FrescoPro Canberra 6B Outdoor Kitchen Features:

  • Pro Line Beefeater 6B Built-In BBQ
  • Extremely Versatile Aluminium Composite Cabinets as Standard
  • Superior Extruded Aluminium Frame
  • Hardwearing 20mm Black Granite or Dekton Worktops
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 25 Year Anti-Corrosion Guarantee
  • Can connect to Natural Gas
  • Installation Service Available
  • Available in a range of colours including: Anthracite Grey, Silver Grey, Black, White

2.3 Metre Straight Run Outdoor Kitchen:

  • Integrated BeefEater Signature Proline 6 Burner Barbecue
  • BeefEater Single Fridge

The exceptional FrescoPro Canberra Outdoor Kitchen featuring the Signature Pro Line 6 Burner Built-In Beefeater BBQ is a standout within the Signature Alfresco Kitchen Range. This model includes 3x Cupboard Units, 1x Single Door Fridge Unit & BBQ Housing.

Aluminium Frame: Crafted with a perfectly levelled high-quality Extruded Aluminium Frame, the FrescoPro Outdoor Kitchen boasts resistance to rust and corrosion, ensuring years of delightful cooking experiences. The advanced frames facilitate easy installation with basic tools, capable of supporting substantial weight while offering freedom in designing and fitting your outdoor kitchen.

Cabinets: Durable cabinets feature a choice of versatile aluminium composite or hard-wearing Dekton for doors, drawers, and cladding. Resistant to water and swelling, these cabinets include a 5-year warranty. Also, choose from a selection of 20mm Classic Black Granite Worktops or Ultra-Compact Premium Dekton Worktops.


Product Specifications

Dekton / Dekton Doors

FrescoPro Canberra 6B Outdoor Kitchen Dimensions


Dimension Imperial (inches) Metric (mm)
ODK Width 92.3 2345
ODK Height 36.8 935
ODK Depth 26.4 670
BBQ Width 41.5 1053
BBQ Height 1.7 42
BBQ Depth 21.3 540

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