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Chill Tubs Filter (Chill Tubs Ice Bath)

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Filters play a pivotal role in maintaining the purity and clarity of your Chill Tub’s water. They are designed to eliminate particles, detritus, and various impurities, ensuring your water remains pristine. Our premium-grade filters are crafted to deliver unparalleled performance, enhancing your Chill Tub experience by keeping the water crystal clear.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Always deactivate your Chill Tub prior to initiating any filter maintenance or replacement activities.
  • Monthly cleaning of the filter is advised to sustain optimal performance.
  • To guarantee continued efficacy, filter replacement is recommended every quarter.

Adhering to these practices will ensure your Chill Tub operates smoothly, providing you with a consistently enjoyable and clean bathing experience.

How to change the filter on your Chill Tubs Ice Bath:

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