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Bonzini ITSF B60 Football Table Official Coin-Operated Model

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Introducing the ITSF-certified Bonzini B60 Football Table, a remarkable enhancement of the classic B60 model that brings the excitement of table football to a whole new level. Recognized and endorsed by the International Table Soccer Federation (ITSF), this table represents the pinnacle of quality and performance in the world of foosball.

The ITSF is the ultimate authority governing table football, overseeing prestigious events such as the World Cup and World Championships. Within their certification framework, you'll find both the B60, technically considered a practice table, and the B90, designed for intense competition. Our focus here is on the exceptional B60 model.

The key to the ITSF-certified Bonzini B60's excellence lies in its meticulously engineered features that elevate gameplay standards to unprecedented heights. Let's delve into the details:

  1. Enhanced Stability: Every aspect of this table has been carefully designed for optimal performance. Each leg is equipped with adjustable feet, allowing you to customize the table's level to ensure a perfectly flat playing surface. These legs are reinforced with steel, providing a rock-solid foundation that minimizes any unwanted movement during intense matches.

  2. Player Precision: The players on this table are not just figurines; they are finely crafted pieces of art. Meticulously ground and finished, they offer unparalleled ball control, enabling you to execute precise passes, shots, and defensive maneuvers with ease. The attention to detail in player craftsmanship ensures that every game is a display of skill and strategy.

  3. Premium Materials: The Bonzini B60 Football Table is a work of art in itself. It boasts a 22mm handcrafted beech cabinet, renowned for its durability and elegant aesthetics. The robust stainless steel machinery ensures smooth and reliable gameplay, even after countless matches. This table is not only a source of entertainment but also a piece of furniture that can enhance the decor of any room.

  4. Signature Gameplay: The Bonzini B60 carries on the legacy of the 'Babyfoot' lineage, offering a gameplay experience that is both exciting and unique. The precision and responsiveness of this table make it suitable for players of all skill levels, from beginners honing their skills to seasoned foosball pros looking for an authentic and challenging experience.

In summary, the ITSF-certified Bonzini B60 Football Table is more than just a foosball table; it's a testament to the pursuit of excellence in table football. With its exceptional stability, precision players, premium materials, and signature gameplay, it's the perfect addition to any game room, providing endless hours of entertainment and a chance to experience the thrill of the ITSF-certified level of competition. Elevate your foosball experience with the Bonzini B60 and discover the true essence of table football excellence.

Product Specification

Specification Measurement
Length 150cm / 59 inches
Width 100cm / 39 inches
Height 95cm / 37 inches
Weight 90kg / 198 lbs
Player Layout 1-2-5-3
Cabinet Natural beech colour. Ball return on both long sides.
Rods Interchangeable telescopic rods made of chrome-plated ground steel.
Coin-operated No, freeplay
Suitable for Indoor
Top Type Open top


Round Black*  Pear-Shaped Black Long Black Handle* USA Long Transparent Long Polished Aluminium
Long Snake Magnesium Aluminium Polish with Blue Silicone Grip Aluminium Polish with Gray Silicone Grip Aluminium Polish with Green Silicone Grip Aluminium Polish with Pink Silicone Grip


Carpet Options
Green  Gray Black
Green with Lines Gray with Lines Black with Lines
Ball Options
Cork Ball
  • Raw
  • 10g
Cork Ball
  • Yellow Tint
  • 10g
Cork Ball
  • Heavy Version
  • 17g
Cork Ball
  • White Tint
  • 10g
Plastic Ball*
  • ITSF Official
  • 19g
Plastic Ball
  • White
  • 19g
Player Options


  • Blue Player
  • White Shorts


  • Red Player
  • White Shorts


  • Blue Player
  • White Borders


  • Red Player
  • White Borders


  • Example: Brazil


  • Example: Netherlands


  • Example: Chromed Aluminium


  • Example: Golden Aluminium

Custom Made

  • Example: Ninja Player
Ramp Options
Metallic Gray

Point Markers Options

If you would like to customize your Bonzini Foosball Table please call our friendly customer service team on 0330 1336 617 or email us at and tell us about your requests.

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Shipping, Warranty & Delivery


 Shipping of your Bonzini football table typically falls within a 6 to 8-week timeframe, contingent on your specific order and delivery location. Please note that customized or bespoke orders are more likely to be closer to the upper end of this delivery range.

Your Bonzini table will be transported to your front door by a one-person carrier service. It will be securely packaged in a custom-made, robust cardboard box with a total weight of approximately 100 kilograms. You can expect to receive an email communication to coordinate a suitable delivery date.

Installation of your Bonzini table doesn't require specialized skills or leveling. However, due to the size and weight of the packaged table, we recommend having a minimum of two people available to receive the delivery.

It's important to be aware that standard courier services are limited to delivering to the "front door" and do not include navigating stairs or unpacking and installing the table. If you require a more comprehensive service, such as two-person delivery with full table installation, we can arrange this through a private contractor in your local area for an additional fee.


All Bonzini tables come with a 5-year warranty against manufacturing faults.


At Nuovo Luxury Ltd, the satisfaction of our customers is our top priority. To ensure that you receive the products in the best possible condition, we encourage you to inspect the packaging of your items upon delivery. If you notice any damages, please make a note of it when signing for delivery and send us photos of the damage, along with the box and SKU, along with a brief description to within 24 hours.  

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