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14ft Swim Spas

Nuovo Luxury offers a range of 14ft swim spas that are perfect for those who want a slightly larger aquatic space than a 13ft model, but not as large as a 16ft model. These swim spas offer the perfect combination of functionality and convenience, making them an ideal choice for smaller backyards or spaces.


One of the main advantages of a 14ft swim spa is the compact size, which makes it easier to install and maintain compared to larger swim spas or swimming pools. Despite its smaller size, a 14ft swim spa still provides ample space for swimming and water exercises, while also featuring a hot tub section for relaxation.


Nuovo Luxury's 14ft swim spas come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and features. You can choose from models that have powerful jets that create a strong current for you to swim against or models that have multiple seats and jets for a more therapeutic massage experience.

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