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Chill Tabs Sanitiser (Chill Tubs Ice Bath)

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To maintain optimal water safety in your Chill Tub, the introduction of our specialized Chill Tabs sanitizer is crucial. Despite the cool water environment, it’s essential to understand that bacteria can still thrive; cold temperatures merely decelerate their proliferation rather than eliminate them.

Our Chill Tabs sanitizer is meticulously engineered for cold water therapy applications, featuring a rapid dissolution rate and a minimal concentration of active sanitizing agents.

Critical Advisory: Utilizing multi-purpose or hot tub sanitizing tablets is strictly discouraged and will lead to the nullification of your warranty. Such products could potentially compromise the integrity of the tub’s stainless steel construction. It is advised to exclusively use Chill Tabs Sanitizer tablets for maintenance.

Instructions for Chill Tabs Sanitizer Use:

  • Prioritize dissolving a Chill Tabs sanitizer tablet in a container of water before integrating it into your Chill Tub for a uniform distribution.
  • Administer one Chill Tabs Sanitizer Tablet bi-weekly.
  • For Chill Tubs experiencing frequent use, an adjustment in the sanitizing schedule might be necessary.
  • Consistently test the water’s condition, especially before use, employing reliable testing tools like AquaSPArkle 4-way test strips for accuracy.

For comprehensive guidance on the utilization and benefits of Chill Tabs, please refer to the detailed instructions on pages 16-17 of the Chill Tubs manual.

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