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Stovefitter's is a brand with a purpose, owned by Julian Patrick Marketing Ltd. and founded by the experienced stove installer, Julian Patrick. At Stovefitter's, we have a deep appreciation for the life-enhancing qualities of wood-burning stoves, and we recognize their significant role in helping us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Across the country, professional stove installers can be found, many of whom excel at their craft (feel free to reach out to us for a list of trusted installers in your area). However, the obstacle that prevents many individuals from enjoying the benefits of a wood-burning stove is not the cost of the stove itself, which can be quite affordable, but rather the expense associated with professional installation. Registered stove-fitters often charge upwards of two thousand pounds for their services, and while this reflects their hard work and expertise, it can be prohibitive for some.

Stovefitter's was created to address this issue by providing solutions that empower consumers. For those who cannot afford professional installation or prefer to have complete control over the process, we offer guidance and resources for self-installation, with the option of using Building Control to ensure safety and compliance. We believe that everyone should have access to the warmth and efficiency of wood-burning stoves, regardless of their budget.

Our mission at Stovefitter's is to illuminate the stove installation trade, equipping customers with the knowledge and tools to either self-install and save significant costs or, if they choose to employ a professional installer, to do so with confidence, knowing they are making informed decisions.

Additionally, Julian Patrick Marketing Ltd. has expanded its offerings to include The Longcoats Trading Co., catering to dog walkers tired of braving the elements. Our commitment to enhancing lives extends beyond stoves, ensuring comfort and convenience in various aspects of daily life.

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